USS Richard S. Edwards DD-950 1977 WestPAC Cruise Book
1977 Cruise Book

The Ex-USS Richard S.Edwards DD-950
1977 Cruise Book Staff

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HTFN Dick Eselin

YN3 Phil Collier

SK3 Tom Moorhouse

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RM2 Lee Roith

OS2 Bill Sandstrum

ENS Terry "Bull"Ward

Without the large contribution of time made by the above people over twenty years ago, we would not be enjoying the photos reproduced here today.

This Web site is not an attempt to duplicate the work these men accomplished in 1977.  All we have done here is digitized some of the photographs they worked hard to produce.  We do that so more can see the pictures in the cruise book.

If you enjoy this online cruise book, write these men and tell them so.

Additional special thanks to QM2 Kevin Hopper who trusted us and mailed in his precious copy of the 1977 cruise book for us to scan and present here.

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